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MSpace/FRG is a seamless full-service audiovisual systems integrator, bridging the gap between the audio visual and office furniture industries. From business needs assessments to user training and complete room support, MSpace/FRG is your single-source solution provider for AV integration. Our designers, engineers and sales professionals are experts in audio, video, and IP communication, as well as organizational communication and room design. With our thorough understanding of technology and business strategy, MSpace/FRG enables companies and organizations to effectively communicate with dispersed audiences using multimedia collaboration.

Companies today are becoming more aware of the need to compete on a worldwide basis, to strengthen business partnerships, and to improve productivity for all employees while remaining within budget. These are the primary forces for the development and implementation of videoconferencing and collaboration solutions.

Videoconferencing and other rich media applications speed the communications process and enable businesses to make better decisions in less time. Savvy businesses understand that collaboration solutions can improve their competitive position by enabling dispersed teams to work together more efficiently, by providing a richer and more intimate communications environment for customers, partners, and prospects, and by making training and learning more convenient, effective, and more affordable.

At MSpace/FRG, our focus is on making technology accessible and easy to navigate. We understand that we have not provided a solution until every user is achieving their desired communication results.

Our MSpace/FRG Team looks forward to providing your company with the very best integration solution that technology has to offer.

Bring Your Business Partners & Team Together – Include Everyone In Your Meeting with Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions.